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Fukuoka, the city of interest!

A growing city"Fukuoka"

  • Fukuoka is famous as the fastest growing city in recent years.In particular, the youth population has increased more than other government-designated cities, attracting attention for both business and tourism.
    Of particular interest is the bold policy of becoming a leader city in Fukuoka City.Fukuoka City "Tenjin Big Bang" Plan is to not only make transportation more convenient by opening the Subway Nanakuma Line from Watanabedori from Hakata Station, but also to make buildings suitable for sightseeing spots in the Tenjin and Hakata districts. Construction and road maintenance are performed.In addition, we have established a startup support facility for companies and are working to create an environment that makes it easy for motivated young people to do business.
    In addition, PayPay Dome an PayPay Dome"Island City" and the urban development around Nishi-ku, where the PayPay Dome of Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks is located!

Asian leader city

  • Fukuoka City is famous as the closest city to Asia in Japan.Fukuoka has the second largest MICE after Tokyo and many international conferences."G20" was held in Fukuoka in June 2019.
    Fukuoka City supports corporate startups and is one of the best places to start a business in Japan.
    Fukuoka City is unique in that various things are nearby, and it is about 15 minutes by subway from the airport to the city, and about 30 minutes by car from the city to the mountains and the sea. .

The appeal of food

  • There are mountains and seas near Fukuoka City, and you can get abundant seafood, vegetables and fruits.
    In addition, because prices are cheaper than other government-designated cities, you can enjoy meals at affordable prices.
    In the spring, you can eat the famous strawberry "Amao" in Fukuoka.The sweet and sour rich candy is an addictive taste for anyone.You can also enjoy spear hunting.
    You can enjoy fresh fish from Fukuoka, such as squid sashimi, Gomasaba, grilled oysters, horse mackerel, yellowtail, and Thai sashimi.
    It is Fukuoka's food culture that everyone gathers and eats “Mizutaki (chicken meat and vegetables stewed in a hot pot)” and “Motsu Hot Pot”, which warm from the core in the winter.

Best location

  • Benikea Calton Hotel Fukuoka-Tenjin is located in a quiet location called Watanabedori Dori, while walking distance to Tenjin, Hakata, Nakasu and CANAL CITY, so you can enjoy a relaxing stay.
    In addition, there are many restaurants around the hotel, so you can always find the perfect place for business people on business trips, family and friends.