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For a comfortable stay

All rooms use semi-double beds

  • All 91 single rooms at the hotel have semi-double beds.Semi-double beds are about 25cm wider than regular single beds.(Width 123cm x length 198cm)
    All rooms are equipped with large beds so that everyone who is tired from traveling can rest well.

Spacious room layout

  • Benikea Calton Hotel Fukuoka-Tenjin offers twin rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people and triple rooms that can accommodate up to 5 people so that families and friends can travel together.
    Deluxe Twin Rooms are 21 square meters in size, so you can relax and enjoy your group stay.
    There are 2 suites on the top floor, so please use it if you want to stay one rank higher.

Guest room types that can be selected according to usage

  • Benikea Calton Hotel Fukuoka-Tenjin has seven types of guest rooms that you can choose to suit your travels.
    There are 92 single rooms, 33 twin rooms, 2 triple rooms and 1 double room.
    The twin rooms are divided into four types. All of the corner rooms have a sunny superior twin room, a spacious deluxe twin room, a character room that is popular with children, and a relaxing stay one level higher. There are suites for you to enjoy.

Full amenities

  • Benikea Calton Hotel Fukuoka-Tenjin wants to make it as easy as possible for guests to stay at the hotel, so we have prepared the necessary amenities at the hotel.
    Please do not worry if you come from far away or have decided to stay overnight.

Prepare a clean room every day

  • We want you to use a clean bed every day during your stay. At Benikea Calton Hotel Fukuoka-Tenjin, we make beds and change towels every day.Please do not hesitate to ask when cleaning is unnecessary.

Wi-Fi Available

  •  Network access during your stay is essential for work and leisure.Benikea Calton Hotel features wireless Wi-Fi in all rooms.We are also working to maintain the environment so that you can use a comfortable network.
    You can also use Wi-Fi at the Carton Café on the first floor, so you can change your mood during your stay.

24-hour security

  • For a hotel that welcomes guests, it is of utmost importance to protect the security of guests during their stay, such as restricting access by outsiders and night security.
    The hotel's 24-hour front desk staff will be able to respond to your requests as well as protect your security from the outside.

Menu rich breakfast buffet

  • When you eat out, you are more concerned than usual.That's even more so if you have a long business trip.The hotel has prepared a buffet of Japanese and Western food so that guests staying in a continuous stay will not get bored.
    Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the Calton Cafe, where the bright sun shines.

Introducing nearby restaurants

  •  There are many famous restaurants around the hotel that are introduced in TV and magazines.
    There are many shops where you can easily enter even one person, and you can be satisfied with friends and family.
    For more information, please visit our hotel front desk.