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Access to various places

  • Fukuoka city

    • (Photo provided:Fukuoka City)

      Tenjin Direction

      Fukuoka's largest shopping street, Tenjin, has many famous brand stores and department stores.
      It is also known as a fashionable and fashionable city for young people.
      At night, there will be an excellent food stall here and there.There are many people who come from Japan and overseas for food stalls.
      In Fukuoka, also known as the city of music, you can see artists performing live on the streets around Kego Park.
      Come to Tenjin, a city full of life with people.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆5 minutes by bus
      ◆15 minutes on foot

    • (Photo provided:Fukuoka City)


      JR Hakata Station is a stop on the Sanyo Shinkansen and Kyushu Shinkansen, and is known as the gateway to Fukuoka.Also, it takes about 10 minutes by subway from Fukuoka Airport, so it is crowded with tourists from other prefectures and overseas.
      Hakata has a long history, and there are still old temples and shrines, and when the season comes, the city is bustling with festivals such as Yamakasa.Hakata old town seen in Hakata is also a tourist attraction.
      Please come to Hakata to evolve into a more and more attractive city been established with the town Hakata old ones were left important.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆5 minutes by bus
      ◆15 minutes on foot
    • (Photo provided:Fukuoka City)

      PayPay Dome

      Pay Pay Dome is known as the home base of Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, and during the season from March to September, Hawks fans visit from outside the prefecture to watch the game.
      In addition to watching baseball games, the PayPay Dome, which has excellent entertainment properties, allows both adults and children to be absorbed in playing.
      Hawks days when there is no Hawks match, famous artists' concerts and large events are held, and the latest audio equipment and the images projected on the world's largest vision further enhance the concert.
      Markis, the largest shopping mall in the city, has a large bookstore with a movie theater and café, making it a great spot to visit on holidays.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆30 minutes by bus
    • (Photo provided:Fukuoka City)

      Marine Messe

      Marine Messe, concert as a large-scale hall following the Yafuoku Dome in occupancy 15,000 in Fukuoka City that people have been using the exhibition, as a sports venue.Especially for concert halls, it is well known for its sound equipment.
      One of the attractions is the nearby Hakata Futo Wharf where you can spend a relaxing time without feeling the city.
      About 10 minutes by bus from Tenjin / Hakata.Because it is close to the main station, there is no worry about being late for the concert due to traffic conditions, so it is a safe place.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆Bus 15 minutes
    • (Photo provided:Fukuoka City)

      International Congress Center

      Many of the conferences held in Fukuoka are held here at the International Congress Center.In the large conference hall, there is a simultaneous interpretation booth that can handle 6 languages, and it is possible to hold an international conference as the name implies.
      Because it is located around the port, it is easy to find a space to park your car.About 10 minutes by bus from Tenjin / Hakata.The location right after getting off from Chikko IC is also nice.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆Bus 15 minutes

      Canal City Hakata, North Building, South Building, there is a East Building, is a large shopping mall, a 10-minute walk from the famous brand shops and eateries enters Hakata Station in Japan and overseas.
      Canal City Hakata is famous as a commercial facility, but in fact it is loved by locals as an excellent entertainment facility.
      There is a lot of entertainment such as a Ramen Stadium where you can eat ramen from all over the country, a musical by Shiki Theatre a 4DX theater where you can enjoy movies with all five senses, but there are also many entertainments that you can enjoy for free, and there are events by performers and musicians. Not only is it held on a daily basis, but the recent Aqua Panorama is a 3D projection mapping, fountain, light and sound show for the whole family to enjoy!
      Canal City Hakata is perfect for a family trip☆

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆15 minutes on foot

    • (Photo provided:Fukuoka City)

      Marine World

      Marine World, located in Uminonakamichi, Fukuoka, was completely renovated in April 2017, making it an aquarium that can be enjoyed by both adults and children.
      Seeing is believing at the show where divers enter the huge aquarium and answer questions from inside the aquarium! There is persuasive power.In addition, with this renewal, the exhibition scale has been expanded to the sea of Kyushu, and you can also see mudhoppers living in the Ariake Sea!
      The dolphin show is even more liberating and you can enjoy the powerful dolphin jumps!
      Please go out in the boat to 20 minutes of Marine World from Hakata Futo with the children on weekends☆

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆40 minutes by bus & ferry 
  • Within Fukuoka Prefecture

    • Dazaifu Tenmangu

      Dazaifu Tenmangu is famous not only as a shrine, but also for its modern art works and stylish cafes lined up on the approach.The buildings such as Temmangu Shrine and bridge are also beautiful and attract 8 million people annually from both Japan and abroad.
      Freshly baked plums that can only be eaten at Dazaifu Tenmangu are the best!
      Especially in Dazaifu Tenmangu, which is known as a Dazaifu Tenmangu place for plums with 6,000 plums planted in 200 types, the aim is to look around from mid-February to early March.☆
      There is also the Kyushu National Museum on the same site, which is a perfect spot for history lovers!

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆45 minutes by train
    • Itoshima

      If you drive about 30 minutes from Fukuoka city, you will see a magnificent sea and white sandy beach that will make you forget the noisy city.Ideal for a drive course such as a stylish cafe where you can watch the sunset falling into the sea and an Kakigoya where you can eat freshly picked oysters☆
      Itoshima is famous for its rich farming and livestock industry and delicious food.There are plenty of pleasures to eat, such as picked eggs with egg for rice only and Itoshima Pork a soft and rich taste.☆
      It is possible to buy fresh agricultural and livestock products Ito Nairodori (yarn again and again) also Why not put in a driving course

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆40 minutes by car
    • Kitakyushu City

      Kitakyushu has a long history as a gateway to Kyushu, is a tourist attraction where old buildings still remain.In particular, Moji Port opened in the early Meiji era and has a history of supporting Japan's trade as the three major ports in Japan, and its architecture can be visited as Mojiko Retro.
      Yahata-higashi Ward, Kitakyushu City 100-meter tunnel with 22 types of wisteria flowers at Kawachi Wisteria Garden Yahata-higashi Ward, Kitakyushu City, Yahata-higashi Ward, Kitakyushu City has been selected as Japan’s 31 Most Beautiful Places by CNN.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆40 minutes by train
      ◆45 minutes by car
  • Inside Kyushu

    • Nagasaki City

      If you like history, you'll want to visit Nagasaki City once.Edo Period only place in Japan that had been closed off in the Edo Period was the only place where foreign trade took place, and Nagasaki still retains the scent of foreign cultures.The history of the samurai who played an active part at the end of the Edo period also remains, and if you like Japanese history, you will want to go there once in your life.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆Car 2 hours 30 minutes
      ◆2 hours by train
    • Aso

      Kumamoto Aso is home to the world's largest caldera.There are various scenery depending on the season, and Milk Road on the way from Fukuoka to Aso is the best drive course!

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆Car 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Beppu

      Beppu is one of the world's leading hot springs and has eight different hot spring qualities.The high-quality hot springs are said to have fatigue recovery and high beauty effects.In particular, hot springs called “Bijin-no-yu” are popular, and are famous for their smooth skin after entering the hot spring.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆Car 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Yakushima Island

      Kyushu you have time in Kyushu, you should try Yakushima Island trip.Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke's stage has been registered as a World Heritage Site.It is a perfect place for nature lovers, including trekking to see the Jomon cedar, a symbol of Yakushima Island is said to be thousands of years old, and beaches where you can meet sea turtles.

      <Access from Fukuoka>
      ◆Fukuoka Airport - Yakushima Airport about 65 minutes

  • Extra edition

    • Tsunoshima Island

      If you move about two hours by car from Fukuoka, you will see a long, straight bridge between the emerald green sea and the blue sky.The bridge is 1780 meters long and is a popular spot for foreigners who can feel the height of Japanese bridge construction technology.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆About 2 hours by car
    • Yakuin

      Tenjin next, is to arrive soon after when starting the Tenjin Station Nishitetsu Train Yakuin StationThere are many fashionable shops and relaxing cafes around Yakuin Station, so if you like walking, you should visit.

      <Access from Benikea Calton Hotel>
      ◆10-minute walk
    • Mt Aburayama

      Speaking of nature from Fukuoka city immediately go in the car Mt Aburayama Aburayama Shimin no Mori has a good walk course, and you can enjoy various views every season.Mt Aburayama has a ranch that can be accessed by the general public, and you can also interact with animals such as horses, cows and sheep.After playing a lot, it is best to eat Mo Mo Land specialty soft Mo Mo Land☆Why don't you go out with your children?

      <Access from Benikea Hotel>
      ◆30 minutes by car